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Free Dry Cleaning Delivery & Pickup in Erie area

Thrifty Dry Cleaners offers you the same quality service & savings with our FREE Dry Cleaning Delivery & Pickup Service

There is no catch! The Price is the same for our delivery service!

Just fill out the form below & a representative will contact you soon.

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Q. How do I get started?

A. It’s simple. Call us at 814-860-4450 and we can get you started as early as today.

You may also fill out the Delivery Enrollment Form at the bottom of this page and someone will contact you shortly.

Q. Do you provide Free Pick-up and Delivery Service in my neighborbood?.

A. Thrifty Cleaners services all of Erie and Millcreek. We are hoping to expand to surrounding townships soon.

Q. How often can I get service?

A. We provide route service twice a week to your home or office. Depending on your location, your service days would be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

Q. What if I don’t have anything? / Do I need to call?

A. No you don’t have to call, We are always in your neighborhood twice a week. Even if you only have a pick-up a few times per month. Our service was designed to make it easy and convenient for you. There is no minimum.

Q. What is the turn around time?

A. Turn around time is three working days on dry cleaning and laundry. Some Household items may take one week. Leather and Suede items can take 2 to 3 weeks. Alterations also take one week.

Q. What do I put my cleaning in for pick-up?

A. The route driver will provide you with a welcome kit which includes a free delivery bag, garment hook, and contact information.

Q. Do I need to be present to get a pick-up or delivery?

A. There is no need to be present for the pick-up and delivery of your orders. The route driver will work with you to determine a designated location for the pick-up & delivery of your items.

Q. What time do you pick up & deliver?

A. We guarantee that your clothes will be picked up or delivered before 5:00 pm on your scheduled route day. We may arrive as early as 9:00 am so we ask that you place the bag out for pick-up by 8:30 am.

Q. How do I pay for my orders?

A. Each order will be delivered with a detailed invoice attached to it. At the end of each month your credit card will be charged for your orders from that month and a statement will be emailed or mailed to you for your records.

Q. What does it cost? Is there a fee for the service?

A. There is no additional fee for the delivery service. Coupons or discounts are not valid with the delivery service unless specifically stated so on the offer.

Q. What holidays are observed?

A. There is no service on the following holidays:

-New Years Day

-Memorial Day

-Fourth of July

-Labor Day

-Thanksgiving Day

-Christmas Day

Any deliveries that would have fallen on those days will be made on the next scheduled delivery day to your home or office.

Q. What if I have special instructions for an item?

A. If you have special instructions for your order simply fill out our Garment Care Form and include it with your order. You can also pin a note with special instructions to your delivery bag or to a specific clothing item if you do not have a Garment Care Form.

Q. What happens if I have a problem with an item?

A. If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning or pressing of an item please contact us immediately at 814-860-4450 or email us at thriftyerie@aol.com. We will gladly reprocess your garment at no additional charge. We take pride in the quality of our work and want you to be happy with the product you receive from us.

Contact Information

Thrifty Cleaners
Email: thriftyerie@aol.com
Fax: 814-864-1195

1351 W. Grandview Blvd. Location

4520 Pine Ave. Location

2811 West 12th St. Location

Home & Office Delivery

Hours of Operation

1351 West Grandview Blvd.
Mon-Fri: Open 7:30am til 6:00pm
Saturday: Open 8:00am til 3:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

4520 Pine Ave.
Mon-Fri: Open 7:30am til 6:00pm
Saturday: Open 9:00am til 3:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

2811 W. 12th St.
Mon-Fri: Open 7:30am til 6:00pm
Saturday: Open 9:00am til 3:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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