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Thrifty Cleaners: A New Level of Dry Cleaning in Erie, Pa


What sets us apart from other cleaners? At Thrifty we use two different dry cleaning processes. Both have a very low environmental impact and produce no hazardous waste. We have used DF2000 for many years and continue to use it, especially on delicate items. Recently we have had added a process using a new biodegradeable solvent called “K-4”. K-4 is more aggressive than DF2000 so it can help to remove the toughest stains but is still environmentally safe, thus maintaining our goal of being safer for your clothes, safer for your environment, and most of all safer for you. Most other dry cleaners in the area use Perchlorethylene(PERK). Perk is scheduled to be banned in some states because it is believed to cause cancer. The “Perk” dry cleaning process also produces hazardous waste. No dry cleaner in the area uses a dry cleaning system that is as gentle on your clothes as our DF2000 system.

We individually inspect and perfectly finish each item. We process our own shirts and replace any lost or broken buttons free of charge. Your shirts are returned bright and crisp. We also feature “gender-friendly” pricing, with men’s and women’s garments priced comparably.

We visit dry cleaning plants all over the country to keep updated with improved cleaning techniques. Using the most current technologies and equipment to clean your clothes has made us a world class dry-cleaning company. We take pride in our work and the exclusive services we can offer our customers.

With our emphasis on quality cleaning and convenience, trust your garments to us for that “like new” look. Please visit us for all your dry-cleaning needs.

Thrifty Cleaners: A New Level of Dry Cleaning in Erie, Pa

Thrifty Dry Cleaners is a locally owned, family run business. The Dougherty family has been cleaning clothes in Erie, PA since 1917. That is right 99 years. Benefit from our many years of experience. Those who choose our dry cleaning service will see a real difference. No matter how stubborn the stain, our experienced team can remove it. We employ optimum cleaning methods for delicate fabrics, ensuring our reliable service is always the right choice for your garments.

To achieve the best results we offer:
• Gentle treatment of your garments
• Speedy processing of your orders
• Use of eco-friendly processes
• Friendly and personal service

Pay us a visit and see the difference.

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